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Swimming Pools 

At Reilly Masonry we can turn your dream pool into reality. We strive to create beautiful timeless pool spaces surrounded  by custom detailed masonry. When working with Reilly Masonry on your pool project, you can feel at ease knowing that we are up to date with all our pool installation certifications. Rest assured we excavate, prep, install your pool, compact surrounding soil properly and guarantee our work. All electrical and plumbing work is done by our group of electricians and plumbers, so there is no searching for oher tradesman to come in to complete any aspect of your project. What better way to install your pool followed by beautiful custom masonry work, all under one company roof. We are professional and will walk you through the entire pool project process from permits to completion. All the details of each project will be written clearly on each projects contract as well as time frame so that there are no hidden surprises. You will be enjoying your pool area faster then you know it! 

There are two main types of pools that we install.  Below we will describe both and the benefits of each. 

Concrete Wall Pool:

  • 10” thick poured concrete walls with 4000 psi concrete mix and 3 horizontal rows of rebar for extra strength

  • Does not break down or corrode due to saltwater

  • Our pool coping material sits stronger and creates a better bond on top of concrete wall pools

  • Lifetime warranty on the walls, guarantied by us.

  • As the mason contractor we can can connect our rebar system right into our wall system to add strength to the base under the pavers or patio.

  • Concrete swimming pool walls can be poured to any size, we can add benches, sun decks and splash pads. 

  • Plenty of pool design possibilities

  • Custom beautiful features for a customized pool

Steel Wall Pool:

  • Steel wall panels are made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel with unparalleled strength

  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel braces 

  • The pool can take 70% less time to install as compared to other pool construction methods.

  • Different pool shapes available, and the ability to create custom pool shapes, you can create a pool that is beneficial to your space.

We provide many deferent types of liners in many different colors, designs and thicknesses. We provide multiple options for filters, chlorinators, salt generators, heat pumps, pool jets, deck jets, waterfalls/spillways, led lighting, auto covers and so much more that we will steer you in the right direction with our recommendations. All materials used in all pool construction have a manufacturers warranty that will be written on all contracts. 

Check out our Custom Masonry to make you pool install complete.

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