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Asphalt Paving 

Whether it be a new asphalt driveway, a parking lot or even an asphalt repair, with every asphalt project install, you can always expect a professional thorough job from start to finish provided by Reilly Masonry. We install asphalt in two methods. One method is to use our LEE BOY paver. This method works well for lager driveways. Our most used method in residential driveway paving is wheelbarrowing and hand raking. Our skilled crew can hand rake a full driveway insuring proper depth, height, smoothness and proper pitch followed by our 5 ton roller compacting the aggregate and ensuring a long lasting asphalt surface. 

Here at Reilly Masonry, we use two types of asphalt for driveways provided locally at Posillico Materials located in Farmingdale, NY. Both NYS DOT 1/4 inch material and 3/8 material are great options for your driveway. The 1/4 inch gives a more smooth appearance with a smaller coarse aggregate mix and is very durable, perfect for residential driveways. The 3/8 top mix is a larger aggregate which is used more for heavy vehicular traffic, frequent traffic, parkinglots and larger driveways. 

How Does Reilly Masonry Install Asphalt Driveways?

Proper planning and execution helps us to keep ahead of the competition. Our crew will carefully examine your property and provide the best driveway design for you. Taking into account drainage, grade changes and overall curb appeal. Here’s a brief explanation of our installation method:

  • Removal – Our first step is to remove the existing driveway or grass and level the ground as much as necessary. This step is vital because the uneven ground at this stage can cause problems on the surface at a later date. Our crew takes the time to make sure the entire area is clear and ready for install while taking into account the safety of surroundings and property, careful not to destroy any property with our heavy machinery.

  • NYS DOT Blend RCA – The RCA will form the base of your driveway. This is the base for the asphalt, this creates a level tough surface for the asphalt to sit on. 

  • Belgium Block, Paver border, Paver Apron – Not all driveways will have this but this helps to boost the overall curb appeal of the driveway. Each of these is installed on a concrete footing and tooled to perfection. In this phase of the project we would also add any drains and drywells to prevent water accumulation.

  • Grading and Rolling – It’s important to grade and re-grade the RCA until it’s perfect for the asphalt. If the ground is uneven, the asphalt will eventually crack. In the case of asphalt surfaces, we use our 5 ton roller over the graded surface to compress the stone and lock everything in place.

  • Asphalt Installation – After that, it’s just the speedy task of installing the asphalt. Once it is installed, we roll over the asphalt with our 5 ton roller and let it sit untouched for 5 days before vehicular traffic.

Commercial Asphalt Installation


Don’t let poorly maintained pavement hurt your business’s reputation. Your parking lot is often customers’ first impression of your business. It is important that your pavement looks great and functions flawlessly for years under heavy loads and traffic. Reilly Masonry is your one stop shop for parking lots as we can perform all site work prior to paving, such as beautiful concrete curbs, aprons, sidewalks, bumpers, bollards, drainage/drywells and any utility excavation prior to final grade and pave.


Commercial Asphalt Paving Process:

  • Quality Site Preparation

    To install perfect asphalt, it is important to grade the area to be paved, and mill/remove any exising asphalt or concrete. Seamless integration with existing pavement and proper drainage to prevent water buildup are vital to creating pavement that will remain durable for years. Upon completion there is to be no water pooling and low spots. Any drains or drywells will be installed in this stage.

  •  Asphalt Installation

    A key feature of quality commercial parking lot paving is the meticulous attention to detail during the paving process. First, your paving contractor should install a stable aggregate base for the pavement. Next, expert workers use specialized equipment to create a level surface with clean edges while the asphalt is hot. This level of detail ensures that your commercial asphalt looks great and is built to withstand the test of time.

  • Final Asphalt Details 

    These services may include line striping and pavement marking. Signage about where to park and where handicapped spaces are located can also be provided by us. By investing in professional parking lot finishing services, you can ensure your business keeps a positive first impression on customers and visitors.

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