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Reilly Masonry concrete division is equipped with both the tools and knowledge to take care of any small or large concrete project. As a group we work hard to make sure that not only our concrete looks beautiful with clean broom finish or troweled finish, tooled edges and joints but also that our concrete stands the test of time. There are many variables when it comes to forming, ordering and pouring concrete. Every project has its own unique differences and its important that we know all our methods to achieving Grade A concrete install. Keeping good tabs on the weather, sub grade ground structure, surrounding and adjoining hardscape areas, specified thickness and strength and knowing when additives such as calcium should be added. All our concrete pours use 3500-4000 psi concrete unless otherwise specified in an architectural plan or engineer letter. We use wire mesh and different gauge rebar where necessary as well.  

Is it safe to pour concrete in the winter or colder months? The answer is YES! Although ideally, below 20 degrees and sub zero temperatures should be avoided. Before pouring concrete in the winter it is important to make sure the ground is not frozen first. We do this by using concrete curing blankets. The air temperature might be below freezing but the ground needs to be warmed.  The concrete is delivered from the plant using hot water, we also mix in additives such as calcium chloride and water reducers to prevent water bleeding. Following the pour we protect and cure the concrete for at least five days using the same concrete curing blankets to insulate the slab and ensure the entire slab cures. So yes you can pour concrete in the winter as long as you follow these methods and have an experienced crew. 

Our Concrete Services Include:

  • Sidewalks

  • Aprons

  • Curbs

  • Patios

  • Walkways

  • Driveways 

  • Stamped Concrete and Coloring 

  • Concrete Inlays 

  • Concrete Retaining Wall's

  • Basement Entrances 

  • NYC-DOT Concrete Violations Registered Permitted Contractor 

  • Footings/Foundations 

  • ADA Ramps and Aprons 

  • Concrete Pads 

  • Concrete Floors 

  • Heated Driveways

  • Concrete Pumping 

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